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Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC (WMA) operates a Cessna Citation Bravo twin engine jet:

Capacity:Seven passengers
Crew:Two pilots
Typical Cruising Speed:430 mph
Cruising Altitude:Up to and including 43,000 feet* (above the airlines and above the weather)
Non-stop Range:South Florida, Texas, Midwest
Amenities:Private lavatory
Additional Equipment:Onboard connectivity allowing phone calls and texting (through your own iPhone)** that can be used throughout all phases of flight**
Interior:Totally new interior in 2008
Time on the Ground:5-10 minutes between the time you arrive at the airport and you are in the air on your way


*Note: on shorter flights to/from New York, Air Traffic Control restricts the altitude of all aircraft (including the airlines) to below 20,000 feet
**Note: Requires pre-flight download of app to iPhone. Additional charges apply.